Kohler Generators Installation & Service in Rhode Island

When you buy a Kohler Generator from Green Way Power, you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product that was built to stand the test of time. However, you also want to know that your generator will be installed by technicians who are trained and experienced with the workings of Kohler generators and accessories. When you choose Green Way Power, serving customers throughout Rhode Island, you know you are getting the best installation and maintenance services to keep your generator operating just as you expect.

How the Installation Works

You can expect your Kohler generator to be installed in about a day or two. The good news is that you can sit back and relax because our trained and experienced technicians will take care of the entire project from start to finish. First, we coordinate a team of licensed electricians and plumbers to ensure the job will be completed properly the first time around. Then, each team member of Green Way Power will perform their work as instructed for a reliable installation job. The electrician will install your transfer switch to make sure the “brains” of your operation is in place. The team will then move your generator into place, usually on a cement slab outside of your home. Electric lines will be connected to the transfer switch and generator, and a pipefitter will make the proper connections to ensure the generator has a fuel source. That’s when your generator will be ready to supply your home or business with plenty of power should a power outage strike your area in the future.

Leave the worry to us at Green Way Power we are Authorized Kohler Generator Dealers and serve throughout RI.

The Cost of Installing Your Generator

Installation costs can vary due to home size and the ease or difficulty in locating an adequate fuel source, be it propane or natural gas. For a simple installation, you can expect a $2,000 investment, but those costs can rise if there are individual situations that need to be addressed before the installation can begin. For a more accurate quote, we recommend a professional site survey.​

Wait, Do You Need Permits?

If you’re worried about zoning issues and permits, you can rest easy. If permits are required, we will manage all local ordinances, so you don’t have to.

Generator Maintenance & Service

The worst time to worry about the health of your generator is when the lights go out. Ensure your Kohler is always in working order by calling Green Way Power for professional generator maintenance services.

Maintenance Schedule

We recommend that you schedule annual maintenance for peace of mind. We will regularly visit your home or business to perform quality checks, default checks, and change out parts if needed. As a special bonus, our maintenance-plan customers receive priority service during power outages. Don’t delay in the repair or maintenance of your Kohler generator. Instead, call the experts and make sure your generator is always there to help when things go dark.

Factory Certified Technicians

Our staff is specifically trained to work on Kohler brand generators, parts, and accessories. We follow Kohler’s recommended maintenance schedule and can file and maintain all your warranty claims through Kohler.