Kohler Generators & Accessories for Your Home or Business

All Products: When your power goes out, you want to know that your home or business is protected with a powerful generator that’s built to last. We offer Standby generators that will keep your power on during any outage, and transfer systems that can monitor your power to ensure you never go without. We also offer all the standby generator accessories and remote monitoring add-ons to allow you to manage your power, communicate with your generator, and so much more. As a Kohler authorized dealer of top generators and parts, we can assist you with all aspects of your project, from sales to installation and maintenance of your generator over time.


Standby Generators: When the power goes out, you shouldn’t have to scramble for flashlights and candles. A Kohler Standby Generator will keep the power on no matter what. Each backup generator is installed based on your home’s specific power needs. The system is designed to turn on in seconds, preventing loss of power, whether you’re at home or away.


Transfer Switches: While your generator provides the power, your transfer switch is the brains behind the operation. Each Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) will monitor and manage the power sources throughout your home. If your home’s power goes out, the transfer switch for your generator will turn on, allowing for plenty of backup power until the regular power is restored.


Standby Generator Accessories: We offer the concrete pads that will house your generators for years into the future. Each generator part is designed with your needs in mind, allowing for proper installation and maintenance of your generators by our expert craftsmen.


Remote Monitoring: Our remote monitoring accessories for Kohler Generators will allow you to remotely monitor and manage your generator, even while away. The system allows for real-time, remote monitoring along with all the tools to properly manage your generator from anywhere. Because when the power goes out and you’re not home, with Kohler generator remote monitoring, we put the power in your hands to turn the lights on.